Speak the part of your inner soul through your creation. Let the world know that you create with your divine touches. Your creation speaks who you are. Creativity is divine.

Welcome to FOTO CAFE. Here you will meet photos from professionals and from amateurs from all over the world. Feel it your home.

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You could easily earn from your photos, paintings and from your videos here. Most photos you see here, are from photographers all over the world. Here half of our earnings from this website we spend on homeless people and for the street kids.

A few words

World is our home. It is everyone’s work to create a better and safe home for all. Let’s purify our soul with the nectar of love. We must learn to share and care and to pass our knowledge to the new generations. Come and join the millions with your creativity and art. In the crowd of love, find yourself a part of us.

Bring your messages from everywhere you go. Your creation is your message to all. From street to everyday life. We walk everyday on the same road but we still don’t see the suffering and joy of people but we see them everyday. Your photos will be the message to the world to help people grow.

FOTO CAFE family

With the shower of love, let's purify our love and soul.

Half of this donation will be used for the homeless people and for the street kids. The rest will be used for the maintenance of this website. Your any donation in any amount will be appreciated.

Earn from your photos

You could earn from your photos here easily. Simply read our instructions and start to upload your photos.